Oh, how the mighty are fallen !

 ‘Rape – paying the price’

 by Robert Whiston FRSA   May 25th 2011

Dominique Straus–Kahn (often referred to as simply DSK), is paying the price set by his erstwhile friends and colleagues in government circles. They alone planned and allowed to be set up the regime under which he is now suffering.

DSK is finding out the hard way what his political equals have been up to for the past 30 years. Busily they have created an ogre of a regime that they never envisaged would ever ensnare one of their number.

Helplessly they look on, watching his slow political destruction, his diminishing in public esteem and the wrecking of his career. The once powerful oligarchy finds itself impotent to act.

May 2011 will go down as not a good month for politicians and rape – first we had DSK on may 14th, and then Ken Clarke on May 18th. Perhaps this time around it will serve as a wake up call ?

The 62-year-old DSK faces seven charges against a chamber maid including ‘attempted rape’, ‘sex abuse’, ‘a criminal sex act’, ‘unlawful imprisonment’ and ‘forcible touching’ (a person of the opposite sex, presumably). The most serious charge, ‘attempted rape’, carries a 25-year sentence – longer than for a murder !

Apparently, according to the criminal complaint sworn against him, this French political grandee and international oligarch:

  • ” . . .. intentionally and for no legitimate purpose forcibly touched the sexual and other intimate parts of an individual known to the grand jury, for the purpose of degrading and abusing said individual and for the purpose of gratifying the defendant’s sexual desire”,

The regime deprives a man of his normal civil rights simply in order to save the blushes of a victim who alleges a wrong doing.

This Medusa, this multi-headed ogre was supposed to give women some degree of equality in court that alleged they lacked before the 1980s and better their position. But become even slightly smeared by an allegation and without a Perseus to save the day, any unfortunate will find themselves paralysed as if they have been turned to stone by Medusa.

But were rape shield laws ever designed to do soat the cost of removing basic human rights from the person accused ?

How could they have imagined thatthe law would be unleashed not on some low level Joe Public to keep the natives in their place but on a millionaire oligarchy ?

What evil genius could have devised such a vehicle to so seamlessly replace the medieval rack and burning coals to secure the same level of discomfiture and permanent scarring but without ever leaving a mark ?

Why did both sense and sensibility leave the court building ? Whatever happened to the American sense proportion ? A six million dollars bail for a face that is by now known to half the world and even among the unemployed ?

Is this a clash of cultures or of semantics ? Are the French more relaxed about sex and dalliances while the protestant Anglo-Saxons are far more ‘up tight’ about it. Or is it America converting and corrupting the language so that stroking a woman’s bum in s now prima facie rape ?

The bail conditions could hardly have been more punitive had he been the architect of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

In the depths of World War II, when it was going badly for Britain (and had been for a quite a time), ‘Bomber’ Harris justified the ‘carpet bombing’ of German cities by saying of the Luftwaffe bombing; “They have sown the wind – now they will reap the whirlwind.

I am not at all sure that the radical feminists, who have cajoled government in to passing blatantly undemocratic and slanted laws, have fully realised yet the vulnerable position they have put themselves in.

They have continually painted men into a corner and I fear that when more men realise they have been boxed in, realise the conspiracy, and realise how it has been done and by whom, the backlash will know few boundaries and may well last many generations.


Addendum – The case agsint DSK has now collapsed (2nd July 2011). Apprarentlty, it was all based on a pack of lies created by a chamber maid cum call girl and  inspired solely for monetray gain. She knew precisly who DSK was and how wealthy he was (see for example http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2010137/Dominique-Strauss-Kahn-FREE-Ex-IMF-boss-released-bail-rape-maid-lied.html). As the collapse gained momentum it became clear  from photos that this virtuous and modest Muslim girl was a Muslim maid who liked to ‘party’, associated with known drug dealers and was seen drinking alcohol.


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