CPS latest ‘false rape’ report laughable

by Robert Whiston FRSA   March 2013

The Director of Public Prosecutions, often referred to as the DPP, has launched a report written by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service), called ‘Under the Spotlight’.

In it the CPS suggests that only 35 people were prosecuted for making false allegations of rape and six for domestic abuse in a 15 month period between January 2011 and May 2012.

This ludicrously low figure has attracted the attention – not unnaturally – of FASO, the False Allegation Support Organisation (FASO), a charity which for 12 or more years has run a support service for those falsely accused of rape and domestic abuse.

FASO has accused the Crown Prosecution Service of deliberately failing to tell the whole story about this subject following the publication of their Report last week – and many would have to agree with FASO.

Let’s first look at the arithmetic.

For what seemed like decades Whitehall and the Home Office were insisting that rape conviction rates were only 10% and falling to 6%. What they actually meant – as the Stern Review highlighted – was that the “attrition rate” of claims of rapes and sex offences accounted for over 80% and only 10% or 6% of cases had enough merit to go to trial.

Doesn’t this tell us, if obliquely, that the figure of only 35 cases of false allegation is preposterous, even comical, given that there are allegedly tens of thousand of rape claims alone made every year and over 300,000 claims of domestic violence.

Even if one takes the discredited (because it is factious) rate of 2% false rape allegations then 10,000 rapes claims per annum would result in 200 false rape claims and the 300,000 claims of DV would result in over 6,000 false DV claims.

  • NB. The source for the 2% rate of false rape accusations was feminist Susan Brownmiller in her 1974 book “Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape.” Brownmiller simply relayed the unscientific and alleged comments of a New York judge concerning the rate of false rape accusations in a New York City police precinct. They have never been corroborated.

The table below is an abridged version of those women who are brought to trial for making false rape allegations. They are usually charged with “perverting the course of justice”, which carried only a maximum tariff of 2 years.


A total of 10 may not appear to be a significant number but one has to bear in mind that a). such cases are not always reported, b). this list is only for the period Jan to Aug 2012, and c). such cases are often administratively halted at the police station stage – meaning the police prefer not to press charges when a confession or full retraction is made.

In addition, there is a cosy relationship between the local police and the local CPS when deciding whether to proceed with perverting the course of justice. And, although all meeting are recorded and logged, data is unobtainable as to how many cases there are nationally, and how many are quietly ‘ dropped’.

Using the same method of trials reported in local and national newspapers up and down the country (and from Jan 2011 to Dec 2011) there were over 55 reports of prosecutions for making a false rape assault claim to the police. Not all resulted in custodial sentences,  frequently suspended probation or community service was the forfeit exacted

Time and again the extenuating circumstances put forward by the defence is the woman’s or girl’s desire to ‘get even’ with a boyfriend for having jilted her or moved on to a new girlfriend or oddly enough t to make him love, care or pay more attention to her ! !

However, the 6 overriding categories given as excuses to the court for making false rape or sexual allegations are as follows.

  1.  the effect of drugs
  2.  the effect of alcohol / drunk
  3.  suffering from depression
  4.  suffering from mental health problems, medications etc
  5.  a vulnerable personality (i.e. low IQ), and or having experienced a “difficult” / traumatic childhood.
  6.  desire for spite / revenge (see text above)
  7.  seeking financial compensation (circa £7,000 to £22,000) from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)

Monitored over a 10 year period there are very few instances of legal defence teams claiming anything other than the first 6 excuses, with the final one (financial compensation) rarely mentioned overtly but an obvious unspoken reason in other instances where the subtext is not too opaque.

It is this very opaqueness exaggerated by poor levels of journalistic reporting that lends a darkness to the subject and not for the first time, casts a long shadow over the accuracy of a CPS report.


2011 – False Rape Accusers brought to trial – reported in local and national newspapers (UK). (not complete) 
Month Town of alledged offence Victim, name if given Age  if given Age of alleged assail-ant Offence Date of trial Punishment, if known Trial Comments
2011 Jan Bolton,     Gtr Manchester X 17 X Rape June 2011 Detained 12 mths Pervert justice Examined by specia list at St Mary’s Hospital Man’ester
2011 Jan West Lothian X 24 22 Rape   Single mother paid £11 k by CICA Footballer False allegation
2011 Jan Widness Chelsea Hough 19 X Rape Sept 2011 4 month sentence suspd’d, supervi’n order, + wasting police time £780 fine Ordered  onto an alcohol course
2011 Jan Nottingham Aisha Mather 19 X Rape April 2011 Jailed for 2 yrs for pervert justice Ashamed she failed Uni exam
2011 Jan West Lothian A woman 24 22 Sex asault July 2011   Charges dropped
2011 Jan Fen Ditton Christine Jordan 25 27 Rape March 2012 Guilty of pervert’g  justice. Pregnant  by another man Jailed  for 2 yrs Claimed ‘No’ ½ way thru had been bullied at school … vulnerabl in prison.
2011 Jan Weston-super- Mare A woman X 75 Rape. Alleged rape committed 35 yrs ago July 2011 X Man committed suicide
2011 Jan Nottingham Aisha Mather 19 X Rape June 2011 ? Found guilty of pervert justice  
2011 Feb Seaburn Miss X 33 x Sexl asault + knife March 2011 None. Admitted falsehood   Big search by police -hoax.
2011 Feb Deal, Kent Rebecca Howard 20   Rape & Abducted Aug 2011 6 mth supend’d sentence 200 hrs unpaid work + £1,000 fine Plead guilty to wasting police time 
2011 Feb Merthyr Tydfil A woman 22 20s Sex assault In a hotel April 2011 No action taken NFA
2011 Feb Frome X X X Rape Feb 2011 £80 fine wasting police time CCTV showed it was false
2011 Feb Walmer Kent X 20 x Rape  & Kidnap Feb 2011 None Did not happen
2011 Feb Oldham 7 school boys, 20 charges x 25 Sex asault April 2012 Man found not guilty School/t accused  interfere with 7 boys
2011 Feb Newmarket Woman 62 40 Rape,3 charges Aug 2011 Man found not guilty Custody  since Feb – no fixed address
2011 March Taunton Miss X 25 27 Rape April 2011 None NFA -Made it up
March 2011 Newry Natasha Louise Doherty 24 X Rape Sept 2011 Wasting  police &  pervert justice. Request  for anon-mity was rejected by magis-trate
2011 March Teesde Hannah Byron 20 X Rape. Tried to win back b/friend May 2012 Suspend 12 mth jail + 150 hrs work Pervert course of justice
2011 March Reading Emma Chaston 21 X Rape  March 2011 9 mths Pervert   justice Borderline Personl’y  disorder claimed &learning difficultie
2011 March Maidstone Kirsty Sowden, 21 X Rape April 2012 Jailed  14 mths  Advertised for “bondage” Felt guilty as had b/friend Wasted  £14,000 and 376 police hrs
April 2011 Hanley X X 25 Rape Dec 2011 No comment Former soldier found not guilty
2011 April Milton Keynes Kelly-Ann Ferguson 23 X Rape. April 2012 Jailed 9 mths for Pervert Justice Spurned  housewife
2010 May Birmingham School girl 17 34 Rape     Man found not guilty
2011 June Peterborough A woman X 42,  19 Rape June 2011 Police drop inquiry Two men arrested released
June 2011 Cupar Dorothy Russell 20 X Raped Dec 2011 6 mths detention Difficult childhood claim rejected
2011 June Mildenhall A girl 16   Rape Aug 2011 Admitted false hood  
2011 June Maidstone School girl 17 44 Rape July 2011 Arrested  
2011 June Suffolk A girl 15   Rape by Ski mask Hoodie Aug 2011   Charges dropped
2011 July Wick Jane Steven 41 X Rape March 2012 Sentence pending Cost police 5 figure sum
2011 Aug Ipswich A woman 20   Sex’l  asault Aug 2011 False claim  
2011 Aug Ipswich A woman X 30 Rape Aug 2011    
2011 Aug Doncaster Victoria Haigh     Paedo phile claims Aug 2011 Baseless.Mother lost custody for 2 yrs Nothing Mother manipu- lated 6 yr old girl in custody battle
2011 Aug Southampton Jennifer France + Kelly Weston, 24  27 30 RapeThreesome Aug 2011 Each jailed for 20 mths Had b/friend & felt guilty about having sex
Aug 2011 Walsall Jess Cooper 17 40 Rape Dec 2011 Fined £80 1st man jailed for 3 yrs and2nd man beaten up
2011 Sept Carlisle Chloe Fox 20 x Rape. CCTV showed her walking at wrong time May 2012 180 hrs Comm. Service +4 mths jail suspend Wasted 650 police  hrs. fined £85.00
2011 Sept Isle of Wight Girl 15 21 Rape Oct 2011 NFA Music festival
2011 Sept Plymouth A Man   50 Male Rape March 2012 No trial Man commited suicide  
Sept 2011 Huddersfield X 30s 53 Sex asault Dec 2011 No action taken against woman Man commited suicide
2011 Sept Teeside Two women X 30 Sex asault Sunderland footballer   No mention Drunk She  regretted kissing
Oct 2011 Cambridge Miss X x x Sex asault Oct 2011 No action NFA. CCTV showed no offence
2011 Oct Carlisle Takara Harding 18 x Rape. Wanted to worry b/friend May 2012 Pervert justice 100 hrs Comm. Service +16 wk suspend prison sentence
2011 Oct Blackley X X 19 Sex attack alleged in Manchester March 2012 Released.Lab taintsDNA evid  CPS relent. Had never been to Manches ter  
Nov 2011 Leeds A girl 14 X Sex’l asault Nov 2011 Totally ficticious Police  dismiss case
2011 Nov Wisbech Girl 16 52 Grope breast May 2012   Ma found not guilty
2011 Devizes Sharon  Broadley X A Sex offence July 2011 Admitted fabricated 4 charges against him. Man found not guilty as 4 day trial collapses
2011 Tiverton X X 50 Rape May 2011 Case dismissed Juror told of Pltf’s reason
2011 Ardgay, Scotland Heather Bremner 38 X Rape. 1st Rape claim in Feb 2002. then March 2008, then July 2008, Jan 2010 45 mths.  wasting police time Had alcohol problem
2011 Telford X X 19 Rape April 2011   Phone 3G coverage or not